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OSB plāksnes tiek izgatavotas no liela izmēra skaidām, kas tiek saistītas ar sintētiskajiem sveķiem. Pateicoties tam, ka skaidas tiek kārtotas trīs krusteniski orientētās kārtās, plāksnes ir izturīgas un stabilas.

OSB boards are made of large chips that are bonded to synthetic resins. Thanks to the fact that the chips are arranged in three cross-oriented layers, the boards are durable and stable.

Title Code Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)Quantity on pallet (sheets)Thermal conductivity (W/mK)Price (m2) with VAT Availability* Calculator Price per sheetQuantity for purchase in sheets
2500x1250x22 K19PAR00AH22 221250250042Not applicable - On request m2 0,00
2500x1250x18 K19PAR00AH18 181250250048Not applicable - On request m2 0,00
2500x1250x15 K19PAR00AH15 151250250064Not applicable - On request m2 0,00
2500x1250x12 K19PAR00AH12 121250250090Not applicable - On request m2 0,00
2500x1250x10 K19PAR00AH10 101250250096Not applicable - On request m2 0,00
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