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Heating system installation in a private house

Zeme/ūdens siltumsūknis privātmājai ar

Manufacturer, installation and condition of the overall communications of the house – three factors to take into account when planning the installation of a heating system in a private house.


Another implemented private house heating system project by installing a “ground / water” heat pump (BWS-1-12kW), with equipment from the German manufacturer “Wolf GmbH”.

Heating equipment installation was implemented in cooperation with our partner, engineering communications installation company, SIA “Tiga B”.

The basic principles of heating systems, to a greater or lesser extent, are known and understood by many. The most important thing when planning the construction of a private home heating system is the correct choice of equipment and high-quality installation, because it will definitely refer to the functionality of the equipment and its service life. It is very important to choose experienced masters who are knowledgeable, with a high sense of responsibility for their work. Of course, there is another factor that is not insignificant – in the house correctly calculate and build communications. The best heating system can be installed, but it will not work properly and will not provide the desired result if the overall system of the house is designed improperly. ”

SIA “Vides Tehnika” heat supply specialist Aigars Muraško.

The heat supply solutions we offer to our customers are implemented in cooperation with suppliers recognized worldwide – Wolf GmbH, Siemens, Grundfos, Buderus, Reflex Winkelmann GmbH, Viessmann, Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG, Honeywell, Tecofi, IRSAP S.p.a., Kampmann Group u.c.

The choice of heating system is definitely an important decision, because many different nuances have to be considered. It is necessary to identify the operating principles, pros and cons of each system, gathering information about it, but before making a decision, we recommend consulting with industry experts. Our heat supply specialist, Aigars Muraško, will provide consultations and find the right solutions for your wishes and possibilities: https://videstehnika.lv/en/contacts/

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