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Thermal insulation materials, their application, solutions and consultations (eco-wool, wood fiber materials, cellulose and fibrolite)
Intars Rozmans
STEICO Flex kokšķiedras vate ir paredzēta spraugu un salaiduma vietu aizpildīšanai

STEICO Flex wood-fiber wool boards are ecological, clean, environmentally and human-friendly wool, which has numerous positive properties - excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation, high vapor absorption, indoor humidity control and excellent diffusion. Wood fiber wool will create a cozy environment and a healthy microclimate in your home. This wool is anti-allergic and is used to insulate roof, wall, floor and ceiling structures.

Title Code Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)Package quantity on palletThermal conductivity (W/mK)Price (m2) with VAT Availability* Calculator Price per package with VATQuantity for purchase in packages
200x575x1220mm (1,4m2) 300400 2005751220120,038 W/mK20,01 On request m2 28,08
180x575x1220mm (2,1m2) 367657 180575122080,038 W/mK18,45 On request m2 38,84
160x575x1220mm (2,10m2) 300381 1605751220100,038 W/mK14,74 On request m2 30,96
140x575x1220mm (2,806m2) 300406 140575122080,038 W/mK13,24 On request m2 37,16
120x575x1220mm (2,81m2) 300366 1205751220100,038 W/mK11,19 On request m2 31,44
100x575x1220mm (2,81m2) 300357 1005751220120,038 W/mK9,47 On request m2 28,05
80x575x1220mm (4,21m2) 300342 805751220100,038 W/mK7,62 On request m2 32,10
60x575x1220mm (5,612m2) 300331 605751220100,038 W/mK6,09 On request m2 34,13
50x575x1220mm (6,31m2) 300328 505751220100,038 W/mK5,37 On request m2 33,89
40x575x1220mm (7,02m2) 300319 405751220120,038 W/mK4,33 On request m2 30,37
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