Windproof films for roofs and walls

Windproof films for roofs and walls are used as an insulating membrane against moisture, caused by condensate. The main task of these films is to provide optimal conditions for thermal insulation material and external structures of the building. The main functions of the wind film are: protect the thermal insulation layer against the ingress of air and moisture.

Due to the high water vapor permeability of these films, it is not necessary to create an air ventilation gap between the thermal insulation material and the membrane. In both, roof and wall constructions, the thermal insulation material can be placed directly next to the membrane. Thus it is possible to increase the thickness of the thermal insulation material. This in turn reduces energy losses.

They are suitable for use in: roof constructions, pitched roof constructions, wall constructions, etc. The intended use of each film may vary. In order to choose the most suitable solution for your wishes and needs, we recommend that you get acquainted with the operational and technical properties of each material. We also recommend consulting our specialists, who will help you find the most suitable solutions according to your wishes, needs and possibilities.

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