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Facade wool


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Title Code Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)Package quantity on palletThermal conductivity (W/mK)Price (m2) with VAT Availability* Calculator Price per package with VATQuantity for purchase in packages
200x600x1000mm (1,2m2) 281727 2006001000120,036 W/mK - On request m2 0,00
150x600x1000mm (1,2m2) 281724 1506001000160,036 W/mK - On request m2 0,00
100x600x1000mm (1,8m2) 281719 1006001000160,036 W/mK - On request m2 0,00
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Stone wool for facade "ROCKWOOL"

Stone wool for facade ROCKWOOL Frontrock Super boards provide effective heat, sound and fire insulation of external walls. They improve the overall energy efficiency of the whole building.

The advantage of facade panels is that they form non-combustible thermal insulation in combined thermal insulation systems (ETICS) for masonry and monolithic walls. Rockwool facade panels are manufactured using DualDensity technology, in addition they have a hardened surface, which ensures the longevity of the facade and is a good support for the dowels. The boards can be produced in up to 12 different thicknesses - from 60 to 280 mm.

Frontrock Super boards are used to insulate the external and internal walls of a building. In walls that separate heated and unheated rooms, such as a staircase. In log buildings - in the outer walls of logs. In order to choose the most suitable solution for your wishes and needs, we recommend that you get acquainted with the operational and technical properties of each material. We also recommend consulting our specialists, who will help you find the most suitable solutions according to your wishes, needs and possibilities.

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