Pellet and solid fuel heating boilers

Pellet and solid fuel heating boilers are still very popular heating solutions. The pellet heating boiler will provide more autonomy from the heating system. The basic principle of operation of a pellet boiler is the automatic burning of biofuel or wood pellets.

When the room temperature drops or the heat carrier heating system cools, the boiler automation sends a signal to the furnace conveyor, which feeds the pellets to the furnace and ignites them with hot air. When the set heat carrier or air temperature is reached, the boiler automation blows the unburned pellets into the boiler ash box and waits for the next heat production request.

Pros of the pellet heating system: automatic fuel combustion; relatively low fuel costs and widespread use; wide possibilities for system automation. Solid fuel heating boilers are a popular solution because wood is readily available in our latitudes. Firewood boilers will take more time, because you will have to supply firewood every year. As well as the boiler will have to replenish it regularly. Firewood heating is not automated, so it will be suitable in cases where your lifestyle allows you to devote time to this heating system.

The choice of heating system is definitely an important decision, because many different nuances have to be considered. It is necessary to identify the operating principles, pros and cons of each system, gathering information about it, but before making a decision, we recommend consulting with industry experts.

In order to choose the most suitable solution for your wishes and needs, we recommend that you get acquainted with the operational and technical characteristics of each device. We also recommend consulting our specialists, who will help you find the most suitable solutions according to your wishes, needs and possibilities.

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