Construction adhesive tapes for sealing joints

Construction adhesive tapes for sealing joints are single-sided, high-performance adhesive tapes designed for durable bonding of vapor-impermeable thermal insulation layers. These adhesive tapes have high efficiency and are resistant to natural wear.

Their application is wide – for the installation of windproof joints, for the repair of cracks and membranes under the roof layers, for the construction of various building materials, such as foil, concrete, wood, metal, etc. for sealing cracks, sealing the joints of the vapor-tight coating of roofs and internal structures, joints for building panel joints (OSB boards) inside the premises to secure the through joints at the insulation level (eg exhaust pipes, electrical cable ducts, windows, rafters, etc.) , roof structures and elsewhere.

The intended use of each adhesive tape may vary. In order to choose the most suitable solution for your wishes and needs, we recommend that you get acquainted with the operational and technical properties of each material. We also recommend consulting our specialists.

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Alfa Flex adhesive tape


Alfa Flex Ultra adhesive tape


Alfa Flex Ultra Black, 50mmx25m


Alfa Flex UV-Black, 50mmx25m


Alfa Pro paper tape


Alfa UDB-A Tape 165, 50mmx25m


Knauf LDS Soliplan, 60mmx40m


RIWEGA 1 PE, 60mmx25m


RIWEGA Green, 50mmx25m


RIWEGA UV 60 adhesive tape, 60mmx25m


Steico Multi P60, 60mmx40m