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Cementa skaidu plāksnes ir materiāls, kas izgatavotsno cementa un smalkām koka skaidu daļiņām. Plāksne ir ar cietu, gludu virsmu, cementa pelēkā krāsā.

Cement chipboard is a material made of cement and fine wood chip particles. The board has a hard, smooth surface, cement gray. Cement chipboards are different with high environmental friendliness, which means that they consist of no synthetic resins and asbestos. Refractory and fireproof material.

Title Code Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)Thermal conductivity (W/mK)Price (m2) with VAT Availability* Calculator Price per sheetQuantity for purchase in sheets
12x1200x3200mm CSP12 12120032000,23 W/mK7,31 On request m2 28,06
10x1200x3200mm CSP10 10120032000,23 W/mK6,69 On request m2 25,70
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