Heat insulation materials

SIA “Vides Tehnika” offers the widest range of thermal insulation materials from the world’s leading manufacturers. Different types of ecowool, bulk wool, mineral wool, wood fiber boards and wood fiber wool.

Construction films, covers

SIA “Vides Tehnika” offers construction films for the protection of structures. Various types of vapor and anti-wind films, as well as diffusion membranes and anti-condensation roof films.

Adhesives and adhesive tapes

SIA “Vides Tehnika” offers adhesives and adhesive tapes for a wide range of applications. Both single-sided and double-sided adhesive tapes, primers for priming joints, glues for sticking all types of vapor insulation materials to enclosing structures, adhesive tapes for installing leak-proof joints, window and door frames, as well as for fastening many other building materials and sealing cracks.


VT Timber, a subsidiary of SIA “Vides Tehnika”, is a specialized timber trade company in Latvia, which cooperates with the best timber producers both in Latvia and abroad. In the VT Timber product range, you will find such products as – construction material C24, finishing boards, terrace boards, fence boards, floor boards, sauna boards, sawn timber, glued building structures. The company also offers a wide range of services – transportation, drying, impregnation, planing, project estimation and installation of terraces in objects.

For more detailed information, visit the website: www.vttimber.lv

Renewable energy

SIA “Vides Tehnika” offers a wide range of renewable energy (solar energy) products from the world’s leading manufacturers. The product range includes solar inverters, meters, solar panels and car charging stations.


SIA “Vides Tehnika” in cooperation with VELUX offers its customers skylights, skylights, building materials, light tunnels, blinds and accessories for heat protection.


SIA “Vides Tehnika” – heating and heat supply solutions from world-renowned suppliers. We work with brands such as: Viessmann, Tecofi, Reflex, Oventrop, IRSAP, Honeywell, Grundfos, Buderus, Siemens, Wolf and others.


SIA “Vides Tehnika” offers a wide range of plumbing equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers. Shower cabins, ceramics, bathtubs, drainage, water mixers for shower sets and salt water softening equipment.


SIA “Vides Tehnika” offers ventilation and air conditioning solutions in cooperation with world-renowned manufacturers. In order to have fresh air and a pleasant climate in the home, well-thought-out ventilation is necessary.

Heat insulation equipment

SIA “Vides Tehnika” offers “Krendl” and “Stewart Energy” thermal insulation material installation equipment. These insulation blowing machines are designed for both small insulation jobs and professional contractors with experience.

Home and garden

SIA “Vides Tehnika” offers a wide range of fences and gates. Poles and all necessary fasteners are also available in the range. 3D panel fence, posts, fasteners. A wide selection of different colors and sizes. Garden furniture and their sets. Everything for your home garden.



Tractor equipment and cargo transport services

SIA “Vides Tehnika” offers tractor equipment and cargo transport services. Rental of universal tractor equipment with operator and manipulator services throughout Latvia.


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Benzīna zāles pļāvējs DAEWOO DLM4600SPL

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Carretilla Oruga BA 320 PE 6.5HP

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Carretilla Oruga BA 320 PEH GX160 5.5HP

Price on request

Daewoo DAAC 100CV kompresors

Price on request

Daewoo DAAG115-95L leņķa slīpmašīna

Price on request

Daewoo DABL7600 benzīna lapu pūtējs

Price on request

Daewoo DAEQDP70-P iegremdējamais sūknis

Price on request

Daewoo Dax 100-1200W augstspiediena mazgātājs

Price on request

Daewoo DLM 1200E elektriskais zāles pļāvējs

Price on request

Daewoo DLM 1600E elektriskais zāles pļāvējs

Price on request

Daewoo DLM5100SP benzīna zāles pļāvējs

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Daewoo DLM5300SPL benzīna zāles pļāvējs

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