Saint-Gobain expanded clay building blocks

Saint-Gobain expanded clay building blocks prevent moisture from spreading through capillaries, the blocks have low water absorption and frost resistance. Due to the low thermal conductivity of the blocks, they have a high fire resistance corresponding to class A1. Expanded clay blocks are resistant to chemicals, do not contain hazardous compounds and gases, do not form mold or rot. They are mechanically strong and do not crumble during transport.

FIBO blocks are designed for the construction of foundations, external walls and internal walls. Despite the light weight, the compressive strength of the blocks – 3 MPa and 5 MPa – is sufficient to be used both in the construction of load-bearing walls of low-rise buildings and in multi-storey buildings, forming walls between the load-bearing structures.

FIBO units have a low water absorption, so even at high relative humidity, after the construction process, they do not need to be dried for a long time. This makes it easier to work in autumn and spring, as the material will quickly return moisture. With the onset of warm weather in summer, a masonry wall built of FIBO blocks dries in about a month.

In order to choose the most suitable solution for your wishes and needs, we recommend that you get acquainted with the operational and technical properties of each material. We also recommend consulting our specialists, who will help you find the most suitable solutions according to your wishes, needs and possibilities.

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