Incorporation of thermal insulation materials

Grand Full (HK 35) incorporation

Vides Tehnika Grand Full iestrāde

Thermal insulation material HK 35 is installed in the empty cavities between the walls of the external wall of the building by the “blow-in” method, filling all gaps, cracks and air pockets between the walls.

The incorporation of HK 35 takes place in six main steps:

  • HK 35 material is prepared, which is filled into a special installation device – the blower.
  • A hole is being drilled in the outer wall of the building, creating a material application channel.
  • The borehole is examined with an endoscope to assess its quality, cavity size and other parameters before incorporating thermal insulation material.
  • The material is incorporated into the duct by the blowing method, completely filling all the empty cavities between the walls of the building. It is possible to insulate a significant part of the external wall through this small canal, as a result the number of required installation channels is not large – minor changes are made to the facade of the building.
  • After the installation is completed, the channel is closed by completely masking the installation site with the appropriate joint mortar.
  • The insulation of the building is done – quickly, conveniently and aesthetically. Material application channels, precisely masked, do not change the appearance of the building facade


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