Incorporation of thermal insulation materials

Installation of STEICO Zell loose wood-fiber wool

Beramā kokšķiedras vate “STEICO Zell” un iestrāde

Loose wood-fiber wool STEICO Zell is an ecological, breathable, anti-allergic and environmentally friendly thermal insulation material suitable for insulation of all types of structures. This thermal insulation material has a high thermal insulation capacity, providing excellent heat regulation in the premises, which will protect the home from heat loss in winter and from excessive heating on hot summer days.

Loose wood-fiber wool is a breathable material that ensures a healthy indoor microclimate. It has excellent sound insulation. The material is durable and resistant to settling and compaction over time.

STEICO Zell is applied with a special installation device, loosely blowing bulk wool into the wall construction, creating a thick, but at the same time breathable and moisture-regulating thermal insulation layer. Installation is performed on horizontal floors – roofs, floors, ceilings and attics, as well as vertical structures – walls and slopes.

For a better idea of ​​the great features and installation of STEICO Zell, we offer to watch a video prepared by our cooperation partner STEICO.

Insulating a wall with air injected insulation STEICOzell

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