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Ecowool – different types of application

Ecowool is one of the most popular thermal insulation material. Its demand is certainly boosted by its nature- and human-friendly composition, as well as its properties.

Ecowool itself is by definition a loose, light, dry mass with a capillary porous structure, which contains 86% recycled cellulose fibers (shredded paper – wood fiber) and 14% natural salt impurity – non-volatile flame retardants and antiseptics. Thanks to this composition, the material is completely safe in production, assembly and operation. It provides excellent resistance to the spread of fire, does not rot, does not mold and prevents the spread of rodents.

How is ecowool incorporated?

Ecowool has three different types of application – wet application, dry horizontal application and dry vertical application.

Wet application of ecowool

Wet application is used in open wall constructions, ensuring effective insulation of even completely vertical surfaces. With the help of special equipment, the material is sprayed on the insulating surface, allowing to fill even hard-to-reach or narrow structures. After the material has completely dried, it adheres tightly to the surface, preventing possible surface deformation or cracking.

Dry horizontal application of ecowool

Dry horizontal ecowool installation is intended for insulation of floors and attics. Ecowool with a special application equipment is blown freely on the surface to be insulated, creating a thick, but at the same time breathable and moisture-regulating thermal insulation layer.

Dry vertical application of ecowool

In the dry form, ecowool with a special installation device is “blown” under pressure into sloping and vertical structures, such as specially designed frames in building walls. The fine texture of the material allows it to be incorporated even in hard-to-reach places, filling all gaps and cracks. In addition, when ecowool is applied under pressure, the material is tightly compacted, ensuring that it will not settle over time.

Who to entrust the application of ecowool?

You will get a full guarantee for the correct application of ecowool only if you are a master in this field, or entrust the insulation work to specialists. However, if you feel safe and knowledgeable and want to do the work yourself, then there are definitely a lot of smart tips and tricks that you will have to learn.

Our specialists will tell you about the correct application of thermal insulation materials at the time of purchasing the thermal insulation material or by consulting remotely. Be sure not to do such work without knowledge or expert advice!

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