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What building insulation works should be done in winter?

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In winter, when there are strong winds, frost breaks through the gaps in the building and the humidity level in the air and structures is high, it is not the most suitable time for complex insulation of the building. However, there are a number of insulation works that can be done in winter – saving free time in summer and immediately partially improving the energy efficiency of the building!

“VIDES TEHNIKA” Ltd. recommends types of indoor work that you can perform at any time of the year without losing the quality of the work done:

Attic insulation

Winter is the time when, without an energy audit, it is easiest to determine whether the thermal insulation of the attic is sufficient. Icicles along the roof ridges testify to the insufficiently insulated attic. It shows that the heat from the inside of the building escapes through the uninsulated attic and gaps in the building structures, melting the snow on the roof. In winter, the most convenient way to insulate the attic is with loose wool – ecowool, mineral wool, stone wool or glass wool, as well as you can use the same materials in rolls or sheets. Attic insulation makes a significant contribution to improving the energy efficiency of buildings, as it is through them that the most warm air escapes.

Partition insulation

Even in the cold season, it is possible to perform effective heat and sound insulation of partitions, as well as to insulate ceilings and floors. Wood fiber boards can be used for this purpose. By combining the boards with soft thermal insulation materials in rolls, it is possible to get the best effect. In this way, by insulating, for example, the nursery, you will be sure that the child’s room will be warm, but the child’s games and playing the drums will not prevent you from relaxing after a long day of work.

Basement insulation

Do not forget that the house freezes in winter not only from the outside, but also from the bottom. Therefore, proper basement insulation is very important, ensuring that the first floor occupants do not have to walk on the ice-cold floor in winter.

Floor insulation

We recommend choosing wood fiber boards for floor insulation, which will not only perfectly improve the thermal insulation of the floor, but also absorb noise and make the floor covering ecological. If the home is still under construction and renovation, you can easily fill the wooden floor frame with loose ecowool.

Double wall insulation

All constructions with a hollow center – double external walls and internal walls, as well as floors – can be easily insulated with air gap insulation material HK35 or Grand Full. These fine styrofoam granules fill the finest plugs and can be used all year round, as temperature and humidity fluctuations do not affect their quality.

After determining the work to be performed, be sure to contact a specialist who will recommend the most suitable thermal insulation material and installation method. “VIDES TEHNIKA” Ltd. offers free specialist consultations by calling +371 29611614.

We emphasize that only appropriate thermal insulation materials and their correct application will ensure the desired thermal insulation and sound insulation effect!

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