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Energy audit – the beginning of thermal insulation works

Vides Tehnika Energoaudits

Energy audit involves building examination and analysis related works aiming to determine the energy limits in the building, evaluate their feasibility and develop the most appropriate solution to save energy. Speaking plainly, this is a procedure that helps to promptly and precisely find out all “weak spots” of the building through which the warmth leaks out. This is a very important initial stage required to define which parts of the building have to be insulated in order to improve energy efficiency of the building and considerably reduce bills for heating.

Importance of energy audit

The main reason of energy audit is economy. Firstly, it allows determining precisely the spots where the warmth leaks out along with your money. Secondly, this is an official reason to be sure that the selected insulating surfaces are the ones that need to be insulated – you won’t have to carry out unnecessary insulation works, as you will know all exact places to be insulated and the things that need particular attention. And, thirdly, this is an investment into your comfort, due to which you will live in a warm, comfortable house.

Process of energy audit

Energy audit consists of four main stages:

  • Measurement of the building energy consumption – using special equipment, questionnaires and document analysis and carrying out special inspections;
  • Processing of measurement data, analysis of the current situation and determining “weak spots” of the building;
  • Determining the necessary events in order to improve energy efficiency, in accordance with the results obtained;
  • Preparation of the report confirming the tendency of energy consumption and providing objective data about current energy consumption and its eventual reduction.

VIDES TEHNIKA Ltd. specialists recommend performing energy audit before the building insulation works. This will be an official warranty that you will know the sources of energy loss, and we will help you to find the most appropriate solution to improve energy efficiency of the building.

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