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Thermal insulation of a building is an important process which must be thoroughly planned and assessed. The main questions that must be answered are:

  • What should be insulated?
  • What should be used for insulation?
  • How to insulate?

What should be insulated?

Thermal insulation is individual – each dwelling has its own properties, therefore a correct thermal insulation should be selected. First of all you should find out which part of the house you need to insulate in order to achieve the needed effect. The easiest way to do it is by carrying out energy audit – then you will understand clearly through which spots warmth leaks out, and these are the spots that must be insulated.

Most often they are old windows, building structure joints, and roof. Having found out which places must be insulated, you have to solve the most important question – what materials should be used for insulation?

What should be used for insulation?

The choice of thermal insulation materials is the most important task in the course of insulation works. The material must correspond to the specific structure, type of building and premises, their use, and it must also be laid correctly. See the materials we offer in relevant sections or ask our specialists for advise how to select the most appropriate material.

How to insulate?

We are sure that correct thermal insulation can be guaranteed only if you are a master in this field or if you entrust insulation works to specialists. However, if you are confident and want to make insulation works by yourself, you will need to learn useful advices and knacks. Our specialists will tell you how to lay thermal insulation materials correctly at the time of purchase. In this section we summarize the information about correct laying of thermal insulation materials and related works. Follow the information and consult specialists prior to installation of thermal insulation.

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